Careocity is a platform to find and hire local caregivers instantly! No minimums, no gimmicks, just great local care.

The goal of this platform was to create an easy to use service for both the users and caregivers and to give them a simple and professional UI to allow them to use the website efficiently.

The challenge with this project was caused by its duality. It was created to cater to two different types of users, care seekers, and caregivers. My main goal was to create both sides of the website to be different but still the same.

The solution for my challenge was in the form of a simple and fluid UI that would cater to the needs of both sides while keeping it simple and easy to use.

The platform has thousands of users now, and it was clear from their feedback, that we approached creating it the right way.

The platform's long-term goals are to continue to improve and push updates routinely to keep the users engaged, and their experience more pleasant