Jobzy is a platform for professionals to post services, that other people might need. It's an easy and intuitive solution to everyday problems.

Since I started, the aim has always been to create a professional easy to use platform that allows people to post their services, and others to pay for them. The main priority was a fluid experience and pleasant design.

The website had two sides to it, one for the service providers and one for people in need of services, so the challenge was to find a consistent design for both sides that still allowed each of them its own feel.

I approached this the way that I approach all my projects, with similar nature, by finding the points in common, that both sides need to share, and building the rest to accommodate for its type of users.

The website was a huge success with my clients, and they fell in love with it straight away. There were a few things that needed fine-tuning of course, like in any other project, but the soul of the project, that I wanted to embed it with, was what attracted my clients to it.

Jobzy is a platform for service providers, and people in need of services, but as a start, my clients want to test the market within their local community. But as for the next step, it would be expanding to neighboring areas while keeping the same standards of service quality.