Hi! I’m Aladin.

I’m an independent front-end developer, trainer, writer, and speaker, from Tunisia. I love the Web platform and I want to make it better for everyone. And I consider myself lucky that I get to build it for a living. I studied Software engineering in the Tunisian University of ESPRIT. But everything I know of and on the Web today is self-taught. I never wanted to stop learning, so I’m grateful that I ended up in a field where one of the major requierements for staying in-business is to continuously keep learning.

I have a lot of experience in everything web related, and it helps that I've been in the industry for over ten years now, working on everything from Backend to Frontend, Yet I've always focused on Frontend due to its duality in nature, because not many software fields could combine design and coding the way it does.

My stack includes, but is not limited to:

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